be still my beating heart

So, apparently the Burberry Orchard is the ‘It Bag’ of the season. Errrrm, no. Not only is it not as pretty as the Céline Luggage tote (if I had to be unfaithful to Mulberry)… it’s also not Mulberry. Burberry, you may have lucked out on getting the likes of Styles, Patel and Pendleton all up in your F-Row, but to me you will always be *whisper* just a little bit chavvy. It’s not your fault, I realise that, and I certainly wouldn’t turn down one of your trenches if it were forced upon me… but you’re just not Mulberry. My dear, sweet, as-British-as-fish-and-chips Mulberry. Does this make me a label snob? Probably. But can you please cast your eyes south and tell me that you’re not Team Mulberry… what with the new zigzag Alexa an’ all. And that tiger jumper.
I mean, who doesn’t want a tiger jumper?

{all products available at Mulberry}
I can’t even deal.

october wish list

New season, new wish list. As I mentioned last week, I’m all about the cosy at the moment… it was such a beautiful autumnal weekend, bright and crisp and full of Christmas-is-just-around-the-corner promise. I’m literally counting down the days till I can have the first play of that Pogues song. I really am obsessed with the festive season. Anyway, back to the job in hand – here is my latest ‘Currently Craving’ list, which are so much fun to put together. I’m spending a lot of time looking at homewares at the moment (more than usual), as Tom and I have houses permanently on the brain. Do we buy? Do we rent? Where exactly do we want to be? So many questions, but one thing I know for sure is that my mood boards and I are gonna be ready.

{1. Isabel Marant wool sweater – £405 / 2. Aldo Puff bag – £40 / 3. Graham & Green Stag bookends – £79 / 4. Noir Jewelry bib necklace – £184.26 / 5. Kate Spade Hand in Hand pom pom hat – $98 / 6. Graham & Green Callas mirror – £395 / 7. Anthropologie Opalescent Bracelet – £28 / 8. Zara leopard slipper – £49.99 / 9. Ebury Home & Garden mini chandelier – £86 / 10. Essie “A-list” nail polish – £13.95 / 11. Oliver Bonas cashmere blend eyemask – £15}

spotlight on: harper gray

#youknowyourealifestylebloggerwhen you pick out your iPhone 5 cover before you’ve even got the actual handset. I’m still on the iPhone 3 (which in the blogosphere basically means I’m in the Dark Ages), BUT free upgrade here I come… and since one’s phone is attached to one’s person at all times, it’s gotta look pretty y’all. And a chance encounter on etsy led me to Harper Gray, run by Erica Braden. Who had me at “rugby stripes”. Erica, thank you, you’re an iPhone-case-designing genius. Now all these scallops and ombre stripes and monograms are making me far too excited to think straight, so please get on your voting keypads and let me know which one I should go for. I don’t have voting keypads. A comment will suffice. Thank you kindly.

{all iPhone covers available on etsy}

end of summer

Hello lovely readers! Man, have I missed you. Seriously, like this much. With all the craziness of wedding planning, moving out of London and starting a new job over the summer, I didn’t feel I could put my all into blogging, and didn’t want to palm you guys off with some half-hearted posts every once in a while. Thank you for all the lovely messages I received whilst on my blog holiday, wondering where I was and wishing me well for my wedding. Speaking of… oh-em-gee. We had the most INCREDIBLE day of our lives. Through all of the stresses leading up to our big day (DIY weddings are not the simplest of creatures), I always tried to focus on the fact that in the end all that mattered was Tom and I standing at the end of the aisle, exchanging vows that came straight from our hearts. It was the icing on the cake that it came with one hell of a party afterwards. More details will follow when I tell you all about it on {weddings you fancy} – I had a total re-think, design-wise, over the summer and being the perfectionist that I am, I’m not rushing it. But it’s getting closer. Promise.
One of my absolute favourite things is a season change. I love the summer, I really do (or as close to one as this country allows), but there is something so magical about autumn, when the leaves change, the nights draw in and you can literally feel Christmas just around the corner. It means cosiness in every sense. I went shopping last week for some warmer clothing and couldn’t have been happier picking out cable-knit jumpers, fluffy slippers and pyjamas. Yep, I said pyjamas. Don’t hate. There is nothing better than getting all warm in bed, snuggled up with my husband and a good film. Since the weather behaved impeccably on our wedding day (we were able to get married outside! Hurrah!), I couldn’t give two hoots what it does from this point in. Here is some inspiration for my fall fashion style:

{images via Pinterest}
That coat! Those tall boots! That owl jumper (god bless the Burberry knock-offs)! The high street is just, so, good at the moment:

{1. Warehouse colourblock parka – £95 / 2. Aldo Laverdiere boots – £130 / 3. Mango striped jumper – £27.99 / 4. Vivienne Westwood scarf – £84.95 / 5. All Saints Galaxy Flex beanie – £35 / 6. River Island super skinny jeans – £30 / 7. Rag & Bone georgette shirt – £84 / 8. Miso mac coat – £55 / 9. New Look burgundy cord trousers – £44.99 / 10. Blonde & Blonde cardigan – £38 / 11. Dune Dorsey tote bag – £65 / 12. Bertie Pavia boots – £110 / 13. French Connection Lady Owl jumper – £67 / 14. Matalan pom pom sleep socks – £5 / 15. A/wear military jacket – £45}
How do you feel about the end of summer?

chanel couture fall 2012

You can always rely on Chanel to deliver a breathtaking sartorial display. This was never more the case than at the Couture Fall 2012 show where greys, silvers, pinks and blushes (with just a hint of black… hey, this is Chanel) were the order du jour. And glitter tights are back! My 10-year-old self is beside herself with glee. I love the range of textures and can’t wait to see these outfits brought to life on the red carpet by Lively, Bilson et al:

{images via}
Stunning, right? And since fashion and interiors are always so closely related in my mind, I wanted to translate the runways looks into rooms… Chanel + pink & grey decor = happiness.

{images via}