be still my beating heart

So, apparently the Burberry Orchard is the ‘It Bag’ of the season. Errrrm, no. Not only is it not as pretty as the CĂ©line Luggage tote (if I had to be unfaithful to Mulberry)… it’s also not Mulberry. Burberry, you may have lucked out on getting the likes of Styles, Patel and Pendleton all up in your F-Row, but to me you will always be *whisper* just a little bit chavvy. It’s not your fault, I realise that, and I certainly wouldn’t turn down one of your trenches if it were forced upon me… but you’re just not Mulberry. My dear, sweet, as-British-as-fish-and-chips Mulberry. Does this make me a label snob? Probably. But can you please cast your eyes south and tell me that you’re not Team Mulberry… what with the new zigzag Alexa an’ all. And that tiger jumper.
I mean, who doesn’t want a tiger jumper?

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I can’t even deal.

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