thinking about nurseries…

This is a surreal post to be writing. Y’see, Tom and I are expecting a baby in the summer. The most wonderful and scary sentence to type out. So, that’s a pretty big change coming up… and me being me, I’ve decided it’s probably best not to get to get too stuck into the ‘oh-my-god-this-is-one-of-the-biggest-life-changes-you-can-do’ reality of it all – denial, my friends – and concentrate on interior decor. Obviously we’re thinking about all the other stuff too, but since this blog focuses largely on interiors, I’m not going to bore you with pregnancy gripes and travel system dilemmas (uh-huh, I know. Apparently kids don’t just ride around in pushchairs these days, they’re now called ‘travel systems’, and it’s a minefield.)
Anyway, back to the fun stuff. Having a baby means decorating a nursery, and my secret ‘nursery inspiration’ Pinterest board that’s been lurking for months can finally come into play. The further I got into the design process, the more I realised that what I’m aiming for is basically just an extension of the light and bright aesthetic I have going on in the rest of the house. As in, light walls with furniture, artwork and accessories providing the interest and colour. We don’t know what we’re having, and we’re not planning on finding out before B-day, so it also has to be gender-neutral. Here are some of the pins that had my creative juices going…
Nursery inspo via {what you fancy}
{Yes, I realise there’s a lot of pink going on in these rooms – I tend to get drawn to it in interiors – but I can always rein that back if a boy comes along…}
And here’s a quick e-design to show you where I’m currently at. The room is pretty small – RIP home office/my junk room – so I didn’t want to overcrowd it with furniture. It’ll have a cot, a rocking chair and one of IKEA’s finest… the Kallax (does anyone design rooms anymore that don’t include a Kallax of some kind?!)There’ll be plenty of other bits and bobs that haven’t made my little collage, and I’m working on having the built-in cupboard turned into a wardrobe, but hopefully in a couple of months time it’ll be ready for the big reveal.
Gender neutral nursery e-design via {what you fancy}
So, what do you think so far?

on my radar – suite one studio

When I saw these plates on Instagram, my eyes shot out on stalks. I mean, they’re ridiculously beautiful pieces of art. The primarily pink and blue colour palette may have initially swayed me, but on closer inspection I’m totally smitten by the gold touches, the uneven edges and the high-shine glazes. These swoon-worthy limited edition ceramics are created by Lindsay Emery out of her studio, Suite One Studio, in North Carolina – and the best news? She ships internationally! I don’t know about you, but I need some of these beauties in my life…
Suite One Studio ceramics via {what you fancy}
Who’s with me?

the october edit

Autumn’s well and truly into its innings. Although, apart from the trees starting to turn, you wouldn’t know it… we’ve been treated to beaming sunshine and temperatures that keep our patio in business. But – and I don’t want to sound ungrateful – who’s secretly hoping it turns a bit chillier soon so we can dig out coats, boots and scarves? So, to celebrate the official cosy season, the return of decent telly and new collections in stores, here’s a round-up of everything I’m currently coveting…
the october edit via {what you fancy}
Houndstooth chair // Oliver Bonas is really having an interiors moment. Seriously, they’re on fire when it comes to soft furnishings. This particular little number, called Le Cocktail Chair (mais, oui), would look so chic on a herringbone floor in a Parisian apartment in the Marais. Or, y’know, in a regular house.
Adventures pocket notebooks // BerinMade designed our wedding invitations (and my blog header!), so I love seeing Erin’s business go from strength to strength. If you’re a stationery fiend like me then I’d urge you to head over to her website for cards, notebooks and prints that nail every trend. I especially love the colours in these notebooks. They had me at navy.
Breton pompom blanket // Yonder Living is one of my favourite new online finds and I’ve been drooling over their blankets for months. Maybe now the mercury’s dropping, I’ll treat myself to this stripy pompom beauty. Call it an early Christmas present.
Cities sweatshirt // I honestly think Brits are happiest safely back inside a jumper. Well, I am anyway. And this one is definitely ticking all the boxes for me.
After You // I’m assuming you’ve read the first one, right? If not, please do so immediately, if not sooner. The sequel is sure to be just as heartbreakingly beautiful.
Drinks trolley // Gold, marble, metal. Oliver Bonas has come over all West Elm on us, and we ain’t complaining.
Origins serum // When winter hits, bitter winds and cranked-up heating does nothing for that glowy complexion we all try to maintain year round. Thankfully, the lovely people at Origins have created this new cult serum to stick two fingers up to dreary dry skin.
Horse print // As much as I’m a fan of abstract art, sometimes the crispness of black and white photography wins out. I adore this shot. I’ll always be a pony-mad teenager at heart.
Tell me, does anything here strike your fancy?

front roe view

Louise Roe – stylist, presenter and author extraordinaire – has worked hard for her career. She’s put in the hours, there’s been no “but I had no idea it was being released” scandal, and she always comes across as incredibly down-to-earth and just plain lovely. Total PLU territory. Since she also has impeccable dress sense (aside from a weird Oscars choice back in 2012), I had high hopes for her latest LA pad that she opened up to The Everygirl. And I wasn’t disappointed. It’s as tasteful as her Cali-girl-meets-ladylike-chic wardrobe, with a slew of neutral tones peppered with west coast pops of colour. Shall we take a peek?
Louise Roe living room via {what you fancy}
{Big fan of the contrasting seat and back cushions on the sofa}
Louise Roe study via {what you fancy}
{Gallery walls – much like SEO and chivalry – aren’t dead. Especially when they feature Slim Aarons’ photography}
Louise Roe bedroom via {what you fancy}
{Tufted headboard, abstract art and antique furniture. A combo that’ll rarely fail}
Louise Roe dining area via {what you fancy}
{Personally I’d swap out that rug for a jute or a Persian, but I love the see-through IKEA chairs – yep, IKEA!}
Louise Roe fireplace via {what you fancy}
{Mirrored picture frames, and more blue and white loveliness}
Louise Roe interior details via {what you fancy}
{Pineapple, marble and hydrangeas – this lady knows her interior trends}
:photography by Monica Wang:
Want to get the laid-back Los Angeles look? Here’s how…
Louise Roe - get the look via {what you fancy}
{Alexandra Nazari photography / pineapple jewellery box / Tobias chair / Chinese barrel seat / London map / Vogue book / lattice cushion / ethnic side table / Emily Jeffords art}

what i did in la…

Spent some time with these two.
When the Ant to your Dec lives an 11-hour plane ride away, it sucks. A lot. But on the flip side, you get to casually drop into conversations that, “Yeah, my best friend lives in LA. No big deal.” then casually swan off to see her, while reminding people that your best friend lives in LA. Because it is a big deal. Vicki worked ridiculously hard to get there and she works ridiculously hard now she’s there, and has über-important meetings with big-wigs at Fox and Universal and Paramount, and sometimes I’m so proud of what she’s achieved, I could burst. I also got to hang out with my 2yo goddaughter, who is quite simply the coolest. She’s a one-woman stand-up show, and is going to grow up to become Amy Poehler. I also loved that she kept forgetting my name (‘Auntie El’) and instead opted for ‘Teacher’.
1-What I did in LA via {what you fancy}
Checked out Venice.
I’d been to LA once before but hadn’t got as far as Venice, so that needed to be put right, stat. We walked the length of Abbot Kinney (which, to style bloggers, is retail cat-nip), meandering in and out of shops, and chattering away nineteen to the dozen. We strolled through the canals, drooled over the gorgeous cottages and wondered out loud how these people got so rich. Turns out a lot of the places on the canals are passed down through generations, so it’s not so much making money as getting lucky in the family lottery. Gah.
2-What I did in LA via {what you fancy}
Went to Shutters on the Beach.
New England decor is my jam, so Vicki knew I’d fall in love with this hotel. My ‘just going to the bathroom’ visit turned into a full-on stalking of the place… and one day… one day… we’ll stump up the obscene per-night cost and stay in one the rooms, which I’m sure are just as dreamy.
3-What I did in LA via {what you fancy}
Sat on the Friends couch.
Vicki and I aren’t just Friends fans. We’re the Friends fans. As in 17/17 on this quiz without breaking a sweat. It’s also our comfort blanket – stick on a Friends episode when we’re feeling blue and it cures all. So, getting to sit on the actual couch in actual Central Perk was a major highlight in our lives. We also saw Phoebe’s guitar, the guys’ foosball table and Monica’s see-through shirt from when she sung karaoke. Our 15yo selves’ heads exploded that day.
4-What I did in LA via {what you fancy}
Ate an In-N-Out burger.
Okay, so Shake Shack and Five Guys may have taken their sweet time and finally come over to British shores, but we still don’t have In-N-Out. I just pray to the burger gods that some day we will. It’s mind-blowingly good… so good, in fact, that there was a queue of about 20 cars in the drive-thru but no one inside the restaurant at the counter. I asked Vicki why, and she just shrugged, “People don’t like getting out of their cars.” What can I say? I get it.
5-What I did in LA via {what you fancy}
Dined at Nobu Malibu.
To those who don’t live in LA, and who read celeb magazine on a weekly basis, the city is a bit like a safari. You want to see the Big Five (movie star, TV star, reality star, sports star, singer), and if you don’t see at least one, you’re disappointed. Since the last time Vicki went to Nobu, she saw Kourtney Kardashian, Lord Disick, Adam Sandler and Miley Cyrus, she promised me that the odds were in our favour. We ate our sushi and sipped our drinks (both phenomenal) at a snail’s pace in the hopes that Taylor Swift was on her way. Sadly, it wasn’t to be, but with a view like this (on left), who cares*? We also went to The Castaway restaurant, near her house in Burbank, and it was perfect. With festoon lights, a view of the sprawling city and a wedge salad that I’d happily eat for every meal ever, I’d definitely recommend a visit.
6-What I did in LA via {what you fancy}
*okay, slightly, but hey, on my flight to NY the next day I saw everyone’s favourite Z-listers, Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan (non-Brits, don’t even bother Googling). And Gael García Bernal, who is far more talented, so let’s just focus on him instead.