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So, I’m back for a one-off post… because guess who got in touch with me? Pinterest. Only my favourite ever website. The website that showed me that there’s a whole community, nay, movement, that loves pinning and stalking dreamy pictures as much as I do. It’s my virtual happy place. A glass of red, a whole evening free of any kind of admin or decent telly, and a spot of Pinterest, and you won’t find me more content. If you’re not sure what it’s all about, in a nutshell it’s an online pinboard and tool for collecting, organising and sharing beautiful ideas and images from all over the web. An online scrapbook, really.

Pin It Forward UK 2013



Pinterest has changed me in so many ways, and I’m not even being dramatic. I now have a passion for tinkering around the kitchen… cooking, if you will. Whereas, pre-Pinterest recipe ideas, I felt adventurous if I added herbs to a spag bol. I’m bolder with my fashion choices… I’ve actually got items in my wardrobe that aren’t a shade of black, which would have been unheard of a few years ago. My home has never looked prettier – it used to be all cottage-shabby-”chic”, but now I’ve embraced a classic modern look, geometric prints, and a metallic infusion. Put plainly, I have an obsession with gold. I’ve discovered beauty blogs that have completely changed my skincare regime for the better, I’ve found daily inspirational quotes that I now live by, and which have shifted my outlook on life, and – this has been a biggie – because of Pinterest, my readership has risen massively. As in, a huge proportion of my traffic comes from the site… hopefully, because people trust my taste and style, and believe it’ll translate on my blog.

Or something.

One of my favourite boards out the 28 I lovingly tend to, is the one entitled Made Me Smile. Basically it’s a collection of things that make my heart squeeze and sing… the things that make me happy. They don’t really fit in anywhere else, so they get a board of their own. Why not go take a look? If you like every single one of the pins, then you never know… we could be sisters from another mister. It’s possible.




And if you haven’t signed up to Pinterest already, you’re truly missing out, my friends. It’s a whole new world out there. With Facebook filled with kids-supposedly-doing-the-funniest-things and people moaning about the weather, I can’t think of a better place to escape to for peace, quiet and a plethora of beautiful things.

While we’re at it, take a peak at the shamazeballs boards of Jenny and Beth – all in the name of pinning the love forward.

I’ll be back soon… thanks for sticking with me, lots of love xx

shiny and new

Where to start?! Firstly belated Happy New Year (we’re way beyond Christmas wishes!)… I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing break, and are refreshed and ready for everything that 2013 will bring. It was an incredibly hectic end of the year for us, as Tom and I finally got the keys to our very own home! I’m so excited. It’s something we’ve been dreaming about for so long, to have a place to put down some roots and to make our own; it’s in a tiny Hertfordshire village with a real sense of community that we can’t wait to become part of.

{image via flickr}

Not our house, obvs. I just have a Nancy Meyers fixation.

So the first thing we did was whitewash 90% of the house (no more MAGNOLIA… best. feeling. ever) and rip up the old carpet, so it has that ‘new’ smell rather than the feeling that you’re living in someone else’s home. I’m looking forward to updating you with the progress of our new digs once we start to get furniture in – one of my goals for 2013 (if I call them resolutions, they’re more likely to fail) is to make this blog more personal by featuring more photographs taken by me and fewer credited images.

Speaking of my blog, the redesign I’ve been wanting to do for months has been delayed by house-buying shenanigans, but it’s definitely going to happen as soon as I get ensconced in my new home office… seeing as that is the only place that I’m going to be able to sit, since our sofa is taking 6 looong weeks to arrive. She is pretty special though and will be well worth the wait. I’m also excited to show you our wedding photos (which captured the day so perfectly, thanks to the amazing Jodie Chapman) when the blog is all shiny and new.

Finally, I’ve made the decision to just stick with a lifestyle blog rather than starting a wedding one as well – I don’t want to sacrifice the time and effort that goes into blogging on a regular basis (which I will be doing again!) by stretching myself across two blogs. Especially since I also have a new day job to get stuck into as well – I’m going to be writing full-time and I feel incredibly lucky to have finally found a job doing exactly what I love. More details will no doubt follow.

So there you have it, my friends, a long overdue update! I just wanted to let you know what’s in store for {what you fancy} this year, to thank you for sticking with me and for your continued patience. This blogging community has become such a big part of my life, and I wouldn’t be without it. Lots of love and stay tuned!

december wish list

I’m a huge fan of a gift list, but like the never-ending Halloween celebrations, I’ve felt a bit inundated this season. So instead of telling you that your mum would probably quite fancy some Cath Kidston hand cream and your brother could probably do with a comedy moustache mug, I’m going to post an addition to my ‘Currently Craving’ series (previously seen here, here, here, here & here). These are items that I’m lusting after, and if you happen to have the same taste as me (geometric prints, why can’t I quit you?) then boom! I hope I’ve given you some ideas of how to spend that Christmas cheque from Great Aunt Doris in the New Year. Also, apologies for the erratic blogging schedule at the moment, I’ll be able to update you on behind-the-scenes-goings-on very soon. Exciting times, my friends.

{1. Oliver Bonas Kelly clutch – £29 / 2. Oliver Bonas Miss Etoile ceramic gold striped plate – £15 / 3. CoupleHome ikat cushion cover – £16 / 4. SheInside geometric sweater – $43.28 / 5. J.Crew Wild Side wide bangle – £56.27 / 6. John Lewis Biggins drinks trolley – £599 / 7. Tory Burch leather riding boots – £425 / 8. Plumo Supernova wrap – £75 / 9. Design Darling aqua trellis tray – $40 / 10. Anthropologie New York Times 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in Europe – £24.99}

spotlight on: pattern & press

For Christmas, what do you give the person who has everything? Easy… something that couldn’t possibly be for anyone but them. Enter Pattern & Press. Not only do they specialise in personalising gifts and homeware, they do it in the most beautiful way – their touch is subtle and understated, and shows someone that you’re willing to go the extra mile when choosing their present. I love their gold-rimmed tumblers (not least because they could have been made for my husband and I…E&T), and how perfect is the monogrammed luggage label for the frequent flyer? So if you’re struggling to think of what to get that particularly particular family member or friend that everyone always has, then I would recommend hopping over to P&P’s online store. Also worth remembering that P&P aren’t just for Christmas, so if you’re stuck for wedding or birthday gift ideas, this gem of a company could be your new best friend.

{all products available at Pattern & Press}

paddington paradise

Not only does Collette Dinnigan make great clothes, she also makes great homes. Seriously great homes. This particular house in Paddington, Sydney, which Collette has now sold (why would you? Why?), is a stunningly restored sandstone residence built in the 1880s, but brought beautifully into the 21st century with its clean lines and elegant living spaces. The front porch and the fact that the whole house is simply flooded with light would have been enough to sell it to me, however it’s the kitchen that steals the show. I wouldn’t change a single thing. If I were lucky to live somewhere as out-of-this-world as this, I think I would just spend the whole time declaring, à la Carrie Bradshaw in Heaven on Fifth, “Hello, I live here!

{images via Updated Home}