spotlight on: harper gray

#youknowyourealifestylebloggerwhen you pick out your iPhone 5 cover before you’ve even got the actual handset. I’m still on the iPhone 3 (which in the blogosphere basically means I’m in the Dark Ages), BUT free upgrade here I come… and since one’s phone is attached to one’s person at all times, it’s gotta look pretty y’all. And a chance encounter on etsy led me to Harper Gray, run by Erica Braden. Who had me at “rugby stripes”. Erica, thank you, you’re an iPhone-case-designing genius. Now all these scallops and ombre stripes and monograms are making me far too excited to think straight, so please get on your voting keypads and let me know which one I should go for. I don’t have voting keypads. A comment will suffice. Thank you kindly.

{all iPhone covers available on etsy}

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