god save the queen

Not only do we have the Olympics coming to our fair city this Summer, but we also have the Royal Wedding 2.0 (to read my unashamed gushing this time last year, see here) to look forward to… our fabulous Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. And one thing I love about this country is that we love a good bandwagon to jump on. The High Street has gone into overdrive, some of it tasteful and some of it downright tacky. But I love it all. Here’s a selection of the memorabilia that celebrates Lizzie’s special day, of the non-tacky variety:

{1. Jan Constantine street party cushion – £94 / 2. Rigby & Mac giant crown hook – £10.95 / 3. 2D Scrumptious Jubilee print – £10 / 4. John Lewis Jubilee tot glass – £7.50 / 5. Hobbs Jubilee scarf – £59 / 6. Biscuiteers Jubilee tin – £40 / 7. Fortnum & Mason Jubilee Marc de Champagne truffles – £20 / 8. Dartington Crystal Jubilee vase – £100 / 9. Caroline McGrath Jubilee tea towel – £16 / 10. Radley Jubilee passport cover – £22.40}

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  1. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}
    9 May 2012 at 8:01 pm

    The truffles are gorgeous (actually the box they are in is gorgeous but the truffles look yummy as well)!

    I don’t know anyone ‘celebrating’ it up North, wonder if it’s just a London thing? You’d really think it’s any excuse for a party!! 😉 Enjoy the celebratories! xxx


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