fancy friday

Ahh, Friday in sunny London town! So, looks like I was wrong about the whole Indian summer thing… the capital has had a second wind, and from my office window in the City I can hear the streets flooded with people enjoying a cheeky beer in the warm sunshine. And tonight I will join them. With a Cosmo. Speaking of Cosmopolitans, artist Kristina Hultkrantz (known on etsy as emmakisstina) caught my eye a few weeks back with her Hermès illustration (see here) and it’s her collection of iconic products and a few of our favourite things that I wanted to show you today. Along with the cocktail made famous by the SATC ladies, she’s captured classic style staples such as the Chanel 2.55, Loubs and the Mulberry Alexa. And a Ladurée macaroon for good measure. Her prints are so clean and, well, chic. I like the fact that they’re uncluttered, letting the subject shine through. I would love to have a gallery wall consisting of about ten of my favourites in simple white frames; I think that would look so striking. Especially in my dream closet, alongside the real deals. One day… *gazes into distance*

{all products available via etsy}
My look of the week goes to fashion (and real-life) royalty Charlotte Casiraghi, who has evidently inherited immaculate style from her mother and grandmother. Attending the unveiling of the Gucci Museo in Florence wearing Gucci (what else), she was a vision in emerald silk. As I mentioned here, emerald is a huge trend this season and has the ability to make clothes look incredibly luxe. Not that Gucci needs a colour in order to do that, but you know what I mean. My favourite room this week goes to a panelled, preppy, sophisticated space that is flooded with natural light. I can’t imagine it would hold up well to animals or children, though, so it would only suit a certain type of owner! One who had a Monica-like cleaning habit:

{images via prphotos & Design Atelier}
I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you’re doing and wherever you may be…