homage to hermès

Since I don’t have the means to dress designer from head to toe (the nearest I usually get to designer is the ‘Spotlight’ range at Warehouse), sometimes one accessory will make you feel like you’re one of them. Y’know, those fancy ladies who lunch on the Kings Road and re-model their numerous properties in lieu of a job. I own a Mulberry (adopted from eBay), two pairs of Jimmy Choos (one pair eBay-adopted, the other “borrowed” from my mum) and a Chanel 2.55 (adopted from China by my best friend… but unless you actually worked for Chanel you would never tell, it’s amazing), and whenever I don any of those items they have some kind of magical power to make me feel a little bit special. Now, if a Hermès Birkin didn’t cost the equivalent to 10 months rent, then I’m sure one of those beauties would have the same effect. I’ve been noticing Hermès everywhere lately, like some kind of subliminal message that I should be buying investing in one of their products. Sadly I don’t think my bank manager nor landlady would agree. Here are my top 4 dream Hermès purchases:

{images via pinterest}
The blanket retails at £850. I know. That’s one expensive Snuggie. BUT if I did win the lottery, I would definitely get one, just because I could. Speaking of ‘could’, the bottom two items are what my money will be most likely be spent on to indulge my weakness for Hermès:

{Emmakisstina Hermès print / Vanilla Paris Bertie bag}

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