I ❤ London

I’m afraid that today’s post will be slightly different to usual as, to be honest, the only topic on my mind right now are the mindless riots that have been happening for the past 3 nights in our beautiful capital. The original trigger (read: excuse) for the violence is long forgotten and now thugs, who in a lot of cases are barely in their teens, are just using this mass lawlessness as an opportunity to score a free TV or a pair of designer trainers and then brag about it across social media. I just can’t believe their complete lack of consideration for people’s lives and livelihoods that have been ruined by their looting, vandalism and arson attacks. Utterly senseless and heart-breaking. And now it’s spreading around the country and our brave police force are stretched to their limits. I just hope and pray that the violence ends as swiftly as it started, and that our beloved cities unite to show that these criminals can’t and won’t win.

{images via Seagull’s Hut, flickr & Mark Norman Francis}
If you would like to and are able to help, then follow @riotcleanup on Twitter to find out where and when the clear-ups are taking place xx

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