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Happy Friday everyone! Even though it’s only been four days, this week seems to have gone on forever. But we got there and now it’s time to wind down and look forward to the weekend. Tonight I am seeing my old work crew for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in central London (see here – worth a trip for the colourful interior alone)… then the following couple of days will be spent with a fresh batch of magazines, maybe a gym visit or two, relaxing in my spring-cleaned formally jungle-esque garden and just enjoying time at home before my trip to the States in a couple of weeks to run an event. I’d like to catch the new Kate Hudson movie, Something Borrowed, as well. Surely there’ll be a wedding involved with a title like that (otherwise that’s false advertising and I’ll demand my money back), and some kind of romantic mix-up. Sounds like a winner (haha, anyone else have the same high-brow taste in films as me?). Do you have any exciting plans?
As is now customary for a Friday, here is my weekly round-up of the trends and looks that have caught my eye:
This Chloé bag may just be the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen. I may not have a spare £1,325 to throw at it, but it’s not going to stop me staring. Net-a-Porter then helpfully suggested other things that I might like, and before I knew it I had a list of pink items that I would give my right arm for. Thanks N-a-P, very helpful:

{1. Chloé Marcie perforated leather tote / 2. Christian Louboutin ballerina flats / 3. Marie-Hélène de Taillac gold sapphire ring / 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watch / 5. Emilio de la Morena silk-organza dress / 6. Valentino lace and wool-blend cardigan}
For the Royal Wedding (did I mention I watched it?!) I decorated my living room with some bunting and a commemorative tea towel acting as a flag (to add some class). The tea towel has since been removed, but the bunting is still adorning my fireplace and I’ve got no intention of removing it. It’s not even the pretty vintage variety, it’s Union Jack bunting from Clinton Cards (for non-Brits who may not know this store, it’s where you buy greeting cards for people you don’t particularly like) for Pete’s sake… but it’s still staying put. I adore bunting in whatever guise it comes in, but next time there’s an occasion for it I’d be tempted to make some myself for that home-made look:

{images via Pinterest}
My office is smack-bang in the middle of some of the best shopping in London. I have spent many a happy lunch hour in Mulberry, letting my Bayswater visit her relatives and stroking the bags, before being told politely to either buy something or leave. Dune is another shop that I pass daily on the way to grabbing some food, and I don’t know if this has always been the case (or I’m just behind the times), but Dune… got… good. Really good. These items are top of my ‘most wanted’ list… e.g. the wedge sandals have scalloped-edge bows. I rest my case:

{all products available at Dune}
Look, I’m weaning myself off the Royal Wedding slowly, ok? I can’t just go cold turkey. So here’s a picture of that scamp Prince Harry, with a puppy. Both neck and neck on the cuteness scale. (Next week: Pippa Middleton with a lion cub):

As for my stand-out fashion moment of the week, obviously there were many amazing gowns at the Met Costume Institute Gala, but aside from that, this look from one of my constant style crushes, Diane Kruger, at the Istanbul Edition Hotel Launch, just completely works for me. She doesn’t even look like she really tries – she just throws on a Roberto Cavalli number and looks incredible. It helps that Joshua Jackson is the perfect accessory. Not that I think men are accessories… oh, you know what I mean. And for my room of the week, I just really loved the colour combination in this bedroom – the mint walls are so calming, but the orange accents really packs a punch:

{images via Pinterest & prphotos}
I hope you have a superb weekend whatever you’re doing and wherever you may be…

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