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Ready for another round of house snooping? Excellent, let’s begin. Today’s residence belongs to John and Sherry Petersik from the massively popular blog, Young House Love. The couple started their site as a low-key, ‘keeping friends up-to-date with renovations’ diary after the purchase of their first home, and it has since become their day job, a shop, a wealth of DIY information that they have acquired over the years, and a launch pad into feature writing and TV appearances. Not too shabby!

All of their hard work, determination and passion is evident throughout not just their inspired blog, but also the photos of their first and current homes. What I really love about the ‘after’ pictures (to also see the ‘befores’ visit here) is that as beautiful and stylish as the rooms are, they’re all completely achievable. Granted, it will take some long hours and sweat – as the Petersiks will attest to – but with a mix of muted and bold paint choices, and some homely yet very personal touches, the Petersiks have struck the perfect balance. They are warm, welcoming and the love that went into both homes is as clear as day in every room. Please do check out the couple’s blog when you get a spare sec (not forgetting the blog of their dog, Burger!)… but for the moment, here are my favourite rooms from the homes they have made over (the gallery walls! Love! As seen here):

{images via Young House Love}

{Glass Cloche / Sasha Round Mirror / Maskros Ceiling Lamp / Sheepskin Rug}

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