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To start the week, I wanted to bring you some inspiration that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately… gallery walls. The beauty of displaying art, photographs or possessions in this way is that there’s no order to it. In fact, the more randomly the items are placed, the more interesting the effect is. I think it brings a real homeliness to a room, whether you’re showing your favourite memories, your hobbies or just a mishmash of images. Unfortunately in my current flat the walls are harder than Alcatraz to infiltrate – I therefore have a handful of pictures hanging on nails that are precariously embedded in about three millimetres of plaster. I worry every time someone so much as sneezes. But this is an idea that I’ll definitely use in future homes:

{images via pinterest, tumblr, House Beautiful, design*sponge & LivingEtc}
What do you think? Are you a fan of gallery walls?

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  1. Meera @ firstsense
    1 March 2011 at 8:42 am

    I adore gallery walls (as long as they’re not a COMPLETE random mishmash), absolutely brilliant way of displaying random photos/art. Love the images you’ve chosen here!

    I’ve heard Command Strips are a good way to hang pictures up without having to drill into a wall. Haven’t tried them myself, but may work for your pictures?

    Meera xx


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