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Everybody likes a good nosy around other people’s things, right? As my blog has proven, I have a penchant for skulking around the interiors of famous individuals (as seen here, here & here), but thanks to the ingenious website, The Coveteur – not to be confused with The Coveted, which was easily done until its founders bowed to pressure and changed its name from the very same thing – you get to uncover the secrets of many a fashionista’s most prized possession… their closet. As with most great ideas, the premise is a simple one: take a designer (Erin Kleinberg), a stylist (Stephanie Mark) and a talented photographer (Jake Rosenberg), and let them loose in the enviable wardrobes of fashion’s big hitters. The result is beyond ridiculous. I mean, just look. We’re talking Gucci and Pucci and Prada (oh my!), with a side order of Mulberry, Jason Wu and vintage Chanel. With some classic high street pieces thrown in for good measure. These are their actual closets in their actual homes, so you get to house snoop and wardrobe snoop all in one. No need to thank me… just take a look at my personal favourites, then head over and continue the covetousness (it’s a word… I checked):

{click here for details of the individuals items}

{click here for details of the individual items}

{click here for details of the individual items}

{click here for details of the individual items}
Remember that my jewellery giveaway finishes tomorrow, so get entering!

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  1. edie
    13 April 2011 at 9:39 pm

    wow – that’s an AMAZING idea!!! thank you for that…

    best wishes,


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