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Happy Friday everyone! Spring has definitely been in the air this week, with the temperature in the capital yesterday hitting a practically tropical 15°C. This weekend I’ll be staying in London, catching up with friends at a restaurant that I’ve been dying to try out since it opened, working hard on getting {weddings you fancy} ready to launch next month, and hopefully watching either The King’s Speech or The Social Network (I know, I’m so behind, although I’m a still freaked out by my Black Swan experience) before the Big Event on Sunday night. For me, though, it may be a little more about the dresses, I have to be honest… you can expect a full report on the Oscar’s red carpet fashion on Tuesday. Best of luck to Colin! I know he’ll do us Brits proud.

{images via pinterest, Into the Fold, Coralie Bickford-Smith & This is Your Kingdom}
1 – I’m always jealous that the US gets to see all the Oscars action live without having to stock up on Red Bull and pull an all-nighter (oh, memories from uni)… but a pre-Oscars party could be a solution. Invite friends round and don your swishiest gowns, serve Champagne cocktails and popcorn, and have your favourite films playing in the background whilst you choose your best-dressed stars from past years (stand-outs for me have been Jennifer Lopez in 2003 and Reece Witherspoon in 2007). For an event planner I’m extremely disorganised, but I will do this next year!
2 – If you’ve never been on Camilla’s fashion blog ‘Into the Fold’, then please do so when you get a chance. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was 14 I had acne issues, was sporting hypercolour t-shirts and really knew nothing about myself. This 14-year-old, on the other hand, writes like a pro features journalist and carries a Mulberry Alexa like, “yeah, it’s my school bag, what of it?”. Maybe being American-Danish is some magical hybrid combination that grants you natural wit and maturity in your teens, but whatever it is, she’s hilarious. For example, she named her Tumblr account ‘Astrid’ because, “I wanted to name my future baby girl that, but then I changed my mind, but then I wanted to name SOMETHING Astrid, you get the idea”. She might not be to everyone’s taste, but I love clever writing and random commentary, and ‘Into the Fold’ has it by the bucketload.
3 – Shiny pink peep-toes with a fancy schmancy heel. Seriously, Monsieur Louboutin is really spoiling us with these beauties. All they need is skinny jeans, a white tank top and a blazer, and you’re good to go. Also, I’m trying out a little experiment: my blog as a handy and not-at-all-cheeky gift list for my 30th birthday in June. Somewhere for family/boyfriend/friends to pick up SUBTLE hints. I’ll let you know my findings.
4Love these vintage book covers by Coralie Bickford-Smith – not only do they look gorgeous on your book-shelf, they’re a great way of encouraging magazine fiends like me to read the classics. I don’t think the fact that I’ve read no.75 about 243 times makes up for my performance on the rest of this list.
5 – When I came across this beautiful website, I soon realised that it was created by a girl who used to live with a good friend of mine (Congrats on the site, Hannah, what a fantastic idea!) – small world. TiYK came to be after two friends agreed, “how wonderful it would be to create an online community where people could both discover and share invaluable insider snippets of local knowledge.” It currently covers London and a few other counties (but I’m sure it will grow to encompass the whole of the UK), and readers can discover hidden gems in their region where they can “eat, drink, walk, think, potter, ponder, snuggle, shop or sleep”. Celebrating what’s great about Britain? I’m all for it.

{images via prphotos & pinterest}
I recognise that I have a verging-on-the-unhealthy obsession with OP and her fashion choices, and I did try to find someone whose ensemble I preferred this week… but I went with my motto: If in doubt, go Palermo. The fact that she sat next to Pixie Geldof at LFW, who looked like she’d just rolled out of bed and dressed for the gym, only highlighted the immaculate outfits (oh yes, there were many) of this New York socialite. So, please Olivia, dress down next week… give the other ladies a chance. Finally, here’s a bathroom that may not have a bath (and usually a bathroom without a bath is a deal-breaker for me), but I’m a big fan of the double basin action and that rug. Mornings wouldn’t be half as bad if you had this to greet you.
I hope you have a superb weekend whatever you’re doing and wherever you may be…

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