in their own words: victoria beckham

As featured in British Vogue magazine, February 2011

{words & images via Vogue}
on US citizenship rumours: “Oh God, what’s David said now? That’s the first I’ve heard. I’m proud to be English. But LA is definitely home. Lionel Richie asked me the other day how I felt about raising kids there – I’m always bumping into him at the airport, it’s weird – and I said, I feel great. But at the moment they’re little, so I can wrap them up in cotton wool. Ask me again when they’re teenagers.”
on other people’s opinions of her: “I’m a positive person. It’s never nice when people write hurtful things and much as I say I don’t see it, I’m not stupid. But I’ve seen both sides of fame and I realise that it’s brought me a lot of opportunities. I suppose if I really cared what people say I’d have topped myself years ago.”
on the image she projects: “I always look at my miserable stupid face and think why didn’t I just smile… because I’m quite a happy, smiley person. But when I see the paparazzi, I freeze. Maybe that’s my safety wall after all the years of crap. Still, at least the bag looks fabulous.”
on her design skills: “I suppose if people think the clothes are too good for me to have designed them, that’s a backhanded compliment. Look, I don’t draw, but nor do lots of designers. I tie things around me. I experiment with ideas and I try to work out a way to make everything flattering and a woman feel beautiful. Oprah Winfrey recently asked me to make her a dress. I must be doing something right.”
on her husband: “The other morning I looked across at David just after he’d woken up and thought, you look really crap. THANK GOD, because this is a man who always looked perfect.”