matt smashes it

Is it wrong that I feel a bit lost now? I got butterflies every time Dermot told me that my Saturday night starts right here, and nothing beat the contentment of being under my slanket for 2 hours of judging song choices, outfits, hairstyles and, yes, even vocal talent. I was on the journey with them (apart from that Waissel creature – it was never going to work out for us after those feather eyelashes and the lace umbrella), and even put up with Konnie Huq’s horrendous attempts at presenting to see more of them every week. So, it’s all over, and Cardle was undoubtedly a worthy winner. If I had to pick my favourite performances of the series, I’m going to go with these two. The first one’s a no-brainer… the second, well, in my defence and in the words of Louis Walsh, “They remind me of a young Take That”. Don’t judge me.

{FYI – it was Halloween week. They didn’t have pink eye}