sixty soho gets a makeover

Ten years ago, my commute to work was a hop and a skip along Fifth Avenue. As far as commutes go, there are worse ways to travel to work. Okay, so I left out the part about the smushed-in-someone’s-armpit PATH train from Jersey City, but details, details. The beauty about working opposite the Chrysler Building (again, there are worse places to call your office…) was that I was in prime hotel territory. I love me a hotel. We’re not talking your local Premier Inn, we’re talking the fancy schmancy kind that have marble floors and sweeping staircases and a jaunty concierge. And one hell of a watering hole. Preferably of the roof-top variety. So, when I heard that NYC’s 60 Thompson had been refurbed and re-branded as SIXTY SoHo, my ears pricked up faster than you can say ‘J.Crew half-price sale’. This is going to be good, I thought to myself. And I wasn’t wrong. Industrial chic, sophisticated tones, and layer upon layer of textures.
The dark window frames and patterned floor create plenty of drama…
In most NY hotel rooms there isn’t room to swing a cat. In here you could swing 128 of the beggers…
Stocked and loaded.
1,800 square feet of split-level gorgeousness… ladies and gents, the SIXTY Loft…
The Sessanta bar. I mean, seriously.
Just add a G&T and good friends.
I’ll take a week in the SIXTY Loft, thanking you kindly.
Good, right?