hot trend: oxblood

Every so often you receive an email that immediately brightens your day, for example Kate Spade announcing their ‘Friends & Family Sale’ on pay day. Or when online fashion giants send you a message to say that they’d like to write a post for your humble blog. Seriously, throw in a jolly fat man and some elves and you’ve got Christmas! Without further ado, I’ll pass you over to Rachael from Boohoo to talk about one of the season’s hottest trends:

{images via camille over the rainbow, fashion gone rouge & pinterest}
“There is no shortage of the colour ‘oxblood’ this season. It is everywhere this A/W taking over anything from boots to festive dresses, and it will quickly become your favourite neutral, offering a more exciting alternative to greys and blacks. The gory name is short for oxygenated blood, the colour blood turns when it is exposed to air; it is a very festive hue somewhere between burgundy and reddish-brown. The rich, deep, sultry tones give red an edgy and sophisticated twist, tying in perfectly with the luxe, jewel-tone trends at the moment. Don’t go overboard with the colour, less is definitely more. This colour should be worn with other neutral tones to give maximum impact.”
Here are some of Rachael’s oxblood picks from

{1. Nail varnish – £4 / 2. Box pleat skater skirt – £12 / 3. Chelsea boot – £30 / 4. Gold detail belt – £12 / 5. Wrap front dress – £20 / 6. Quilted shoulder bag – £30 / 7. Skinny jeans – £20 / 8. Slipper shoe – £18 / 9. Bow gloves – £10}
Thank you Rachael! Now, tell me lovely readers, what do you think of this über-trend?

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