stylish office space

Offices by their very nature are not known for their style credentials. They are, generally speaking, a place where you get shiz done, whether you buy, sell, promote, market, organise, whatever. Unless you are lucky enough to work for Google, where you’re as likely to come across a ping-pong table as a desk. My working environments to date have been DULL. Blank walls, carpets with questionable stains, pot plants struggling for their lives and desktops that are 10 years out of date. One of these offices had no windows. Prisoners have better views. For a person like me who has a creative fire inside of them (seriously, it burns), they have left me feeling less than inspired. This is why I feel an insane jealousy when I see office spaces like the one that Aerin Lauder (she of famous grandmother, Estée) has created in Manhattan… I would kill to work somewhere with an interior like this. It has a chandelier, for Pete’s sake. The white walls, gold accents and seagrass carpet are absolute heaven, and I’ll bet the productivity in this office is sky-high. Tell me, lovely readers, does your office resemble Aerin’s in any way?

{images via Architectural Digest}

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