It’s the last series of Gossip Girl. I understand that to many this information will elicit no more than an indifferent “meh”, but to me this is a big, deal. It’s one of those shows where you have had to be there from the beginning, and six seasons later I’ve been through a whole lot with these Upper East Siders. So I may not have much in common with them – for starters I don’t go to fancy benefits wearing ballgowns every day of the week – but I care about the same things. Family, friendship, love, NYC, Chanel. Every episode is like an adult version of Scooby Doo (such is the often ridiculous nature of the storylines), and that’s why I love it. And at the centre of everything is Blair Waldorf. She gets the best lines, the best clothes, and, let’s face it, the best boys. And to celebrate her all-round Blair-ness, I’ve put together some of my favourite quotes… so if you’re a GG fanatic like me, then enjoy. If not, maybe come back tomorrow. xoxo.

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