getting ahead of myself

You know how it is. Even before your boyfriend has put the ring on your finger, you can’t help but imagine your wedding. Like, every single detail. I’m not gonna lie, I was the same (this is no secret, Tom was totally aware). And now with houses on our minds, in my head I’ve decorated the whole thing… down to the last vignette. Even though there is no house yet. It’s good to have a hobby, right? So, in terms of the living area I have my heart set on a corner sofa; since one of my favourite things to do is simultaneously surf the interweb and watch Gossip Girl, that couch is going to have to be good. And when all the surfing and outfit judging is finished, then I’ll probably need to have a lie down and nap on that very same sofa. So it needs to be big. Which is also necessary seeing as it will be home to multiple useless but pretty cushions. Tell me, are you a fan of corner sofas? And do you imaginery decorate?

{images via pinterest}