take the girl out the city

Everything knows Whitney Port, right? LC’s wingwoman in the Teen Vogue fashion closet, who then went on to have her own show that launched Olivia Palermo into the stratosphere. You with me? Well, she’s the latest subject for The Coveteur, that glorious website that combines fashion, interiors, and amazing styling and photography. Now the designer of her very own label, Whitney Eve, our girl Whit is back living in Cali after her stint in NYC, and to be honest it’s where her laid-back, girly style is much more at home. Being the ├╝ber-fan that I am of all these MTV reality shows (yes, I do own the boxsets), I can spot that familiar devore sofa and the yellow dress that she wore on her first day at DVF. Had I worn the same thing to my first day at my new job last week, I would have been laughed at and promptly shown the door. If only I had a camera crew.

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