into the blue

We’re not long into 2011 and trends are being launched at us from left, right and centre. As much as I don’t think that trends should necessarily dictate how we dress or how we decorate our homes, they’re a useful indication of how high street stores will be decked out. One of the SS2011 catwalk trends that is making a splash in the interiors world is the colour blue:

There’s something incredibly soothing and tranquil about blue rooms, accents and accessories – perhaps it’s the notion of turquoise seas and cloudless azure skies (for me, anything that provokes memories of sparkling Greek islands and the bedroom from Mamma Mia has got to be a good thing):

The beauty of blue is that isn’t faddy, it’s incredibly versatile and according to which hue you use, you can set the mood accordingly. Darker tones can suggest formality or a modern touch, and brighter, more aqua blues, can add character and energy. Here is a selection of rooms guaranteed to banish the January blues (including chez Carrie Bradshaw):

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