friday pinspiration

This week’s been a super-busy one, and this weekend will be no different… there’s definitely some celebrating on the cards, since today is Tom’s birthday! One year older, but still not touching thirty. Damn these young ‘uns. Looking forward to heading home to the Shire for some family time. Today’s post is just a quickie – one of my Pinterest boards is simply called ‘Made Me Smile’. It’s a collection of images that did just that, and if I’m having one of those days when things get on top of me, it cheers me up. Such is the magic of Pinterest (what on earth did we do without it?). Here are the last four that I pinned… there’s no rhyme or reason to them, just thought I’d share them with you on the off-chance you’d feel the same. Happy weekend all.

{images via Walking Around / Exile Lifestyle / unknown / House & Home}

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