hot trend: coloured jeans

So it used to be that I was jealous of Jessica Alba’s ridonkulous body… now it’s her one-in-every-colour jeans collection. Ok, and her body (the woman’s had two children for chrissakes, there’s gotta be witchcraft involved). Anyway, back to her bright skinnies, they just make me happy. She colour-blocks, mixes with black, white and neutrals, and generally rocks every look. The brightest pair I own are a rather fetching maroon – word of warning though, they’re kind of a man repeller, I think my fiancé finds them a little ‘children’s TV presenter’ for his taste – but Alba really makes me want to take it a step further. What do you think? Are you on board with this trend?

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Who needs vitamin D with these bad boys?

{1. Matalan Papaya coloured jeans – £16 / 2. Topshop Moto Leigh jeans – £38 / 3. Oasis Crop Cherry skinny jeans – £45 / 4. Joe’s Jeans skinny yellow jeans – £103 / 5. Ted Baker Cubba jeans – £79 / 6. Gerard Darel cotton jeans – £135 / 7. Miss Selfridge apple green skinny jeans – £20 / 8. French Connection Poppy slim fit jeans – £82}

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