spotlight on: rigby & mac

Have I found a treat for you! I receive quite a few emails about stores that might interest my readers (not to mention me!), but sometimes when I open them up they are massively disappointing, and I click out of them in under ten seconds flat. However there is the occasional offering that has me at ‘www’. Rigby & Mac was one of them. Hold your horses! Stay with me for a sec. So the beauty of this family business founded by Penny Tomlinson and now her son, Dan Rigby and daughter-in-law, Katharine Maclaverty (hence ‘Rigby & Mac’) is that they have three shops within one, depending on your personal taste – Feminine Vintage, Modern Country and Quirky Eclectism. I think I’m mostly the first two, with a bit of quirk thrown in. Therefore here are my picks, which are a mix of the three. Go browse their lovely homewares, jewellery and accessories over a cuppa, then report back with which style appeals to you the most:

{all products available at Rigby & Mac}

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