style stalker: nicole richie

One star who is always on my style radar is Nicole Richie. Remember when she used to be on The Simple Life with Paris Hilton, with straggly hair extensions and an ill-fitting, pretty heinous wardrobe? (Ok, so she may not have looked very stylish, but she was comedy gold… my friends and I still quote NR to this day. True story). After The Simple Life she became a (Rachel) Zoe-bot, lost too much weight, put some back on, married a rock star, had two babies, and continues to look fabulous to this day. The thing about Nicole is that she constantly changes her look up, from boho, to glam, to Up Town Girl, to effortlessly casual and back to boho. No one wears a scarf round her head like our Nicole. She also successfully runs her jewellery line, House of Harlow 1960, and her clothing collection, Winter Kate, all the while sporting that verging-on-smug smile. To be fair, if I looked that good with gold coins on my head, I’d be smug too:

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So you want some of what she’s having? Easy! Huge sunglasses, a leopard-print scarf and a so-close-to-Balenciaga-it’s-not-even-funny bag, and job’s a good ‘un:

{1. Vanilla Paris Brandy bag – £99 / 2. Blend grey blazer – £39 / 3. Dune Alex court shoe – £80 / 4. Topshop large round sunglasses – £16 / 5. Topshop floral maxi dress – £62 / 6. Topshop biker jacket – £55 / 7. House of Harlow 1960 3-strand head piece – $225 / 8. Oasis leopard print scarf – £18 / 9. Vanilla Paris Bertie bag – £99 / 10. Paprika purple dress – £36 / 11. Forever 21 geo bangles – £4.29 / 12. Strenesse white t-shirt – £45 / 13. Topshop Moto hotpants – £28 / 14. Ted Baker open toe platform – £120}

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