When Posh first started designing, didn’t we all think it was going to be just a phase? Something to disguise the fact that she was basically just a WAG who’d once been a sub-standard singer (apart from My Heart’s Got a Mind of its Own, which is a classic of our time). But turns out, she’s pretty darn talented. Her collection has become the must-see show at NYFW. Not least because Becks shows up looking beautiful, sits next to Anna Win-tour, and furrows his brow in a serious yet supportive manner. Which must have been mighty distracting for the models walking past:

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Anyway, back to the clothes, and VB has once again nailed it with a fall collection that has a military edge but still manages to be ladylike. Come the autumn anyone who’s anyone will be wearing tailored dresses with thick socks, flat boots and a double belt. Colour is sparse, but I like to think it harks back to her Posh Spice days circa Say You’ll Be There. Well done VB, you’ve done us proud:

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