in their own words: liv tyler

As featured in UK Marie Claire magazine, March 2012

{words & images via Marie Claire}
On preferring the Hollywood of old: “I wish I was born at another time, so I could have done big musical productions. I would have been so happy. I’m very old-fashioned in that way. I love being an independent woman but, as a talent you were more nurtured then. Secretly, I wish I was owned by the studio.”
On her obsession with taking photos: “Why am I so fascinated with capturing moments? I’ll tell you why. Because I’ve had so much change in my life. My whole life things have changed constantly, so psychologically I’m sure I’m quite sentimental. I want to remember the feeling, not only what it looks like. When it’s happening, it’s so wonderful but I know it’s gonna change or not gonna last. Everything changes so I want to remember it because I feel grateful for it.”
On childhood and motherhood: “I’m very grateful that I didn’t have to grow up in the public eye and I got to grow up in Maine and have a real childhood. I do have my worries for Milo. I mean, we live in Manhattan in a huge house, and we have a staff, and we have a very different life. He would be happiest if we lived in the country somewhere, just the two of us.”
On her plans for the future: “I don’t have plans further than a couple of weeks ahead. If I’ve learned anything about life it’s that you don’t know what’s going to happen. I’d rather plan where I’m going to be today.”

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