toast of the town

Isn’t it funny how you can never notice something, and then when you do, it’s suddenly everywhere. This has happened with the label, Toast, and I. Until Christmas I’d never heard its name uttered, and now it’s flying out from every magazine I open (which is a lot… although I love how I can now call my magazine habit, “research”). So, also in the name of research, I investigated its website and the fact that it resembles Anthropologie’s wintery cousin means that it’s going to be a firm favourite with me from now on. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who are flaunting your tropical paradise holiday snaps on Facebook whilst you’re there (which is neither big nor clever), we’re still very much in the depths of the Dark Months and have a desire to be all wrapped up in knits and fleecy warmth in front of the fire. Or radiator. Whichever one comes to hand. Here is an array of Toast’s stylish cosiness, with some home goods thrown in (because I can’t help myself):

1. Cosima jacket – £146
2. Roper boot – £199
3. Paisley tie waist dress – £66
4. Manitu striped pullover – £36
5. Short fair isle wool socks – £17
6. Aran hand knitted socks – £44
7. Velvet lined slippers – £38
8. Manitu long cardigan – £50
9. Easy jean – £67
10. Plaid flannel pyjamas – £41
11. Fair isle scarf – £25
12. Double buckle belt – £44
13. Hero bag – £131
14. Macausland’s blanket – £124
15. Rectangular log basket – £29
16. Scented candle – £22
17. Chai glasses – £29
18. Hand knit tea cosy – £16