do the white thing

White’s a tricky one. In the past it’s been avoided for fear of: a) upstaging the bride; b) being overzealous with a ketchup bottle; or c) not having compatible underwear. But you’re going to have to bite the bullet if you want to embrace this season’s most stark trend, and go for crisp tailoring with minimal fuss. And we’re not talking about one white item to keep you in vogue – we’re talking total white-out, head-to-toe. Nude or tan accessories can be added as subtle extras, but if in doubt think ‘Lawn Tennis Association Rules’ and you’ll be on the right track. As much as I’m all for brightening up my wardrobe, I can’t help but re-run an incident last year involving white jeans, a glass of red wine and a wasp. You get the picture.

1. Topshop chiffon shift dress – £35
2. Karen Millen lace t-shirt – £99
3. All Saints Lelex dress – £50
4. Paul by Paul Smith crop white jean – £108
5. Reiss Layli leather bracelet – £35
6. Leighton Denny nail polish in natural white – £11
7. Fiorelli Marty handbag – £31.50
8. Uniqlo Cut&Sewn jacket – £49.99
9. Preen Harness dress – £1,015
10. D&G Vlada shopper – £595
11. Joseph high-waisted wide-legged pants – £240
12. Stella McCartney silk bubble dress – £507

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  1. Liz Reading
    12 January 2011 at 9:40 am

    I’d love to wear white but I usually drop something down in, be in drink or eye shadow! The chance of staining is just too high, I was also told you cannot wear white (think skirts, dresses and trousers rather than shirts) in the winter??
    I have however worn white nail polish before, unfortunately it just looked liked I’d put tipp-ex on my fingers, looks like I am just to loyal to my wardrobe colour of choice…!

    • El
      12 January 2011 at 10:03 am

      It’s officially a spring/summer look, but in a country where it’s hard to differentiate between our seasons, why not start early?!

  2. Tiffany
    12 January 2011 at 11:46 am

    Love white for spring


  3. goodbadnfab
    12 January 2011 at 6:51 pm

    very inspiring post!

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