bright lights, big city

It often just starts with one image that inspires me to come up with a theme of a post, and on this occasion it was the top one. It reminded me of my time working in NYC, when I used to walk up Fifth Avenue to my office next to the Chrysler Building, and even on the rainiest of days I used to look up to the skyscrapers and think to myself, “you jammy so-and-so.” I love how city lights blur into, I dunno, a feeling, rather than being able to make out every single detail. That’s what all these images below seem to represent… the excitement and buzz of big city life:

{images via pinterest}
And it seems that my beloved Kate Spade used the same inspiration when she incorporated hazy city lights into her designs. And finally I found a couple of pieces of art on etsy, that use vivid colour and lack of precision to get that same effect:

{1. Kate Spade City Lights Bangle – $128 / / 2. Kate Spade City Lights Gia – $75 / / 3. Kate Spade City Lights Bon Shopper – $175 / / 4. ‘City Lights Romance’ by Karen Tarlton – £263.91 / / 5. ‘Rain City Lights’ by B. Sasik – £164.03}

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