a festive toast

One of my favourite times of the year is when all of that Halloween rubbish is over and the last of the fireworks has gone off, because finally we (and when I say “we”, I mean TV advertisers, the British high street, and I) can concentrate on the main event. Christmas. My playlist of 122 festive tunes is firmly on shuffle and I’m in full-on Christmas mode. This year I’m heading to Berlin in December, which I’m ridiculously excited about. They go totally overboard with the markets, the decorations and the glühwein, and it’s quite simply a winter wonderland. As far as decorations go, I favour the more rustic look (always with a hint of Santa’s Grotto, a.k.a. OTT), which is what Toast do best. I’m a little smitten with their vintage-style baubles, cowbell garland and knitted stockings – just looking at the below images makes me want to throw on my slanket, crack open the mince pies and get cosy. I’m just rock ‘n’ roll like that. Are you excited about Christmas this far out, or is it just me?!

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