in their own words: kristen stewart

As featured in UK Glamour, December 2011

{words & images via Glamour}
on the R-Pattz rumours: “People can say whatever they want. The interest is totally understandable, but when it’s personal to you, it’s like your life becomes a product, and I’m repelled by that. I don’t like to give away gems that people are gonna be like ‘Oh my God!’ So I’ll always just shrug it off – in fact, I always find it kind of funny, and not just with Rob.”
on the Breaking Dawn x-rated scenes: “It was tame! I’ve done my share of coming-of-age movies, but the ratings board know who our audience is, and can be like, ‘Hmm guys, just cool it a little.’ It’s funny, because in the book, you don’t see anything. It’s everyone’s imagination, so it’s entirely subjective. I hope it’s good!”
on the hype around the wedding dress: “I had to be so shrouded in secrecy the entire two days of filming… it was crazy. I was on full lockdown, as if I was wearing millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds, but it’s just a dress. I think the dress is beautiful, and I’m so excited for the wedding to be revealed. It was one of those moments you go, ‘This is something to remember.’
on getting in shape for honeymoon scenes: “Usually we’re all making fun of Taylor (Lautner) for working out so often, and then suddenly me and Rob were like, ‘Sh*t!’ and were running around the block while Taylor laughed at us.”
on her co-stars featuring on Glamour’s top 50 sexiest men list: “The first time Rob was ‘sexiest man in the world’ a couple of years ago, it was the biggest joke in the world. We never stopped taking the p*ss, and neither did he. But they’re all great guys and not… geez, now I sound like I’m generalising about attractive men, but there’s something a little vain about working out every single day, whereas they’re the greatest guys and all kind of goofy. That’s why it’s so funny.”