chanel for gucci

The Coveteur was positively made for my blog… fashion and interiors all under one roof. Like Toys R Us, but with style. As previously mentioned here, this website delves into the homes and closets of some of the chicest people in the bizz, and thanks to the beautiful photography and artistic vision of the creators, the images are uh-may-zing. This particular covetable wardrobe belongs to Gucci Westman, who was hardly going to grow up to be a dinner lady with a name like that.

She is make-up artist extraordinaire, powdering the faces of starlets such as Paltrow, Portman and Diaz, but has also been the other side of the camera, appearing in Vogue and the first (and only, in my mind) SATC movie. Her New York apartment is littered with delicious pieces of Chanel, Balenciaga and Isabel Marant, and can we also please mention the exposed brick walls, wooden floors and industrial touches? Gucci, my love, I do envy you juuust an iota:

{images via The Coveteur}

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