fancy friday

I’m beyond excited at this point. I go on holiday tomorrow! One week staying at a villa in the South of France with my family and boyfriend, where I intend to do nothing but read books by the pool (including ‘One Day’ – I feel like the last person on the planet that hasn’t read it), eat French sticks and smelly cheese, and drink wine. And sleep. I’m also stupidly excited to be going on a plane journey that isn’t part of a work trip – it’s the simple things! I hope that you all have a lovely week. I promise to provide a few posts to keep you going with and even take a couple of snapshots in between naps, and I’ll see you on the other side. I guess I’d better think about packing…

{images via pinterest}
Now, I’m aware that I may as well call this feature ‘Diane Kruger’s Look of the Week’, but bear with me. It’s Kruger. In Elie Saab. That just can’t be ignored. I desperately tried to find an alternative, even convincing myself that SJP in a floral Prabal Gurung could challenge for the title. So I asked my boyfriend to cast the deciding vote… to be the ‘Simon’, if you will. He replied, “Kruger looks classy and elegant, SJP looks like a foot.” So that settled it, I went for the un-foot-like Kruger. As for my room of the week, I took one look at that gold and glass table and crowned it the winner. The white sofa, bold artwork and rug, and vibrant flowers are all gorgeous, but that table knows that it’s centre of attention:

{images via prphotos & decorpad}
I hope you have an amazing weekend whatever you’re doing and wherever you may be…

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