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Hi everyone, hope you (in the UK) enjoyed the 3-day weekend! Apologies for the lack of post yesterday, but it was a choice between working or cruising MTV and E!, and sadly the latter won out. I say “sadly”, I love days like that.
Onto today’s post and the subject of effortless style. It’s the holy grail for women everywhere, right? Some people have style, sure, but it just screams ‘try hard’ and it kinda defeats the point. Not so with Lucy Laucht, a Brit who moved to New York with just a few suitcases and no job to go to (she’s my hero), and now has an enviable career creating online campaigns for brands such as Vogue, as well as writing her own style blog. I tend to find with these ‘take pictures of yourself’ fashion blogs that although there are a lot of outfits I do lust after, there is also a decent amount that are just, well, meh. This isn’t the case with Lucy – she gets it right seemingly every time. She mixes vintage with preppy with polished with a penchant for Zara (in particular the oversized bag), and it just works. Also, her can’t-live-without item is her tan Mulberry Bayswater, which in some cultures means we’re best friends. Take a look and let me know your thoughts:

{images via Lucy Laucht}

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