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Sorry for the rather sombre tone yesterday – I just wouldn’t have been true to myself had I been all perky about polka dots. Anyway, I’m feeling a lot more positive today after the amazing community spirit that manifested after the horrific night of violence on Monday in my local area. Truly heart-warming, and all faith in humanity is restored. So today I’m bringing you a new style crush of mine: Zanna Roberts Rassi. Not only is her name awesome, but she also has a sense of style that I would give my right arm for. She’s British and works as Senior Fashion Editor at US Marie Claire in NYC (ergo no scary Anna Wintour, although I don’t imagine Joanna Coles is a walk in the park). Dream job, dream wardrobe. She kinda reminds me of a prettier Uma Thurman, and is queen of using neutrals to achieve a classic yet edgy look when paired with statement prints or a leather jacket. She manages to make harem pants look good, for crying out loud! And it’s so effortless, à la Palermo and Kruger, always ensuring she’s wearing the clothes, not the other way around. She also channels that look that only ‘ladies in fashion’ can pull off… it’s what I like to call, “oh, this old thing?”:

{images via Garance Doré, Fashionologie and Citizen Couture}
Ooh and I found wedding pictures *squeals with excitement*… true to form, Zanna didn’t go for the style of dress that the world and his wife go for, oh no no no. Check it out. It’s Marchesa (LOVE… actually my favourite designer) and is the perfect look for a chic city wedding. Amaze.

{images via 100 Layer Cake}
Hot, intimidating fashion girls roam in packs. Fact. Zanna is no different, as she’s seen strutting along (“Strut? Do I strut? Am I a strutter?” – sorry, couldn’t resist) with fellow pack members in tow. Man, do I wanna be in her gang.

{images via pinterest}
What are your thoughts on Zanna’s style? Crush-worthy?

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