“who are you wearing?”

It’s been a while since we’ve had a decent red carpet situation, and at the ‘Teen Choice Awards’ last night the younger generation of Hollywood donned some frocks that, at their age, they really shouldn’t have access to (back in the good old days you had a Tammy Girl dress and would be thrilled with it). But they did rock them, it has to be said. They even showed up some red carpet veterans such as Fergie and Tyra Banks, who looked mildly ridiculous in their attempts to be down-with-the-kids. Other stars clinging on to their “yoof” included Bilson and Lively (turned up, looked amazing, job done), and Deeley and Diaz (working the pins and golden tans). The board was swept by Bieber and Gomez, a.k.a. Hollywood’s Prom King & Queen, and the lovely Taylor Swift. Seriously, no one else needn’t have bothered turning up (slight exaggeration – Kris Jenner Kardashian Jenner needed to parade her cash cows in front of the paps). Take a look here at the winners; at least justice was done in the form of my beloved Gossip Girl getting a nod. My favourite winner was Justin Bieber who was given the ‘Choice Twit’ award… I think they were trying to be all clever and Twitter-related, but ended up being unwittingly right on the money.

{images via prphotos}
Who was the red carpet winner for you?

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