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I know I can get a little enamoured with American house tours (in the past week I’ve posted this and this), but to be fair, as far as the celebrity houses go, Barbara Windsor, Bruce Forsyth et al don’t seem to be as forthcoming as their American counterparts in opening up their homes to judgement admiration from the general public. Selfish. But when it comes to products, I do try to stick as much as possible to showcasing local produce… items that are fundamentally native to the British Isles. Browsing through the latest copy of Country Living (whilst sitting in an English country garden, drinking elderflower pressé – could I be more of a cliché?!), I was bookmarking pages like there’s no tomorrow, keeping note of designers, makers and sellers that I haven’t come across before. So here are three examples of companies flying the flag for British design and retail.
Firstly, the adorably named Woop Studios. Founded by Miraphora, Eduardo, Harriet and Mark (a.k.a. the “Woopies” – erm, I think I love them), who were united by their love of graphic design, Woop have put a whole new spin on collective nouns. We all know the common ones (a pride of lions etc.), but here we’re introduced to the more unusual and downright charming of the terms. A bloat of hippopotamuses, anyone? The prints are all things bright and beautiful and, hey, it’s an education as well as decoration, which should appeal to all those competitive mothers out there. AND they partner with charitable organisations worldwide to assist in raising funds. Which practically makes them Angelina Jolie.

{all products available at Woop Studios}
Jane Booth’s ceramic collections are so pretty, they’re as mouthwatering as pastel macaroons (which incidentally are one of the things that inspire her, and it shows). She has five different collections, but my favourite is the ‘Confection’ range, as seen below. The colours combine effortlessly on terracotta clay, and I adore the rustic charm of her pieces and the dainty floral design. Very shabby chic. With pottery this beautiful, it’s just begging for open shelving and fresh flowers.

{all products available at Jane Booth Ceramics}
Idyll Home specialises in unique and eclectic homewear sourced from around the world. They had me at “unique”. This Shropshire-based business don’t sell anything that they don’t love (which is maybe why I like them so much, since I don’t post about anything I don’t love), and I came away from the website with an extensive wish list and a renewed love of pompoms. Go to the ‘Bed & Bath’ section and you’ll see what I mean. Graham & Green better watch their backs, they have serious competition for my affections!

{all products available at Idyll Home}
What do you think of my British selection?

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