shutter island

In my neck of the woods (South West London), 9 out of 10 residents seem to possess the following three items: a Mulberry Baywater, a Volvo 4×4 and plantation shutters. I have the Mulberry, but as an Oyster Card holder and a renter, it’ll be a good few years before I complete the set. I’m not sure when it happened, perhaps ten years ago, when plantation shutters became the thing to have in your smart SW London home. They spread like wildfire and seemingly overnight Putney turned into Charleston, South Carolina. I tend to go off trends when they become a bit saturated, but I still love how window shutters can transform a home. I adore the effect when light streams through them, or (not gonna lie) how the shutters can block light out if a midday nap is in order. Here are some examples of some very well-dressed windows:

{images via pinterest & we heart it}
And shutters are not just for windows… here are other ways they can be used to great effect (especially as headboards):

{images via pinterest & we heart it}

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