how the other half live: osbournes

You remember the house from MTV’s The Osbournes, right? Dark, gothic, and pretty oppressive. I once did one of those ‘Star Tours’ and it was so recognisable as we drove past… I almost expected Ozzy to stagger out in his dressing gown, yelling, “Shaaarooon!”. When I saw a tour of their new house in a recent Architectural Digest, I couldn’t believe it belonged to them, until the appearance of one of their infamous dogs in one picture.
Designed by LA-based Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, with input from Sharon, this Hidden Hills residence has a real country-house feel to it, with French antiques and Oriental touches. The palette is incredibly relaxing, and the vibe reminds me a little of J-Lo’s home (as seen here). Can you believe the former ‘Prince of Darkness’ sleeps in a mirrored four-poster bed with lilac satin sheets?! He may have wanted to keep that one quiet. I have Osbournes-house-envy… didn’t see that one coming! What do you think of their abode? Does this look appeal to you?

{images via Architectural Digest}

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