mulberry’s new girl

I’ve always been a fan of Taylors; Taylor from Hanson (whom I once impersonated in a Sixth Form play, but let’s not go into how scarily similar I looked), Taylor Lautner who is pretty nifty in the Twilights, Taylor Swift who can hold a decent tune, Taylor Momsen who is… well, not on my list. So when Mulberry announced that their latest addition is called the “Taylor” I knew we were in for a treat (much like MmmBop and when Jacob takes off his shirt). She’s not cheap, in fact she’s very ladylike and certainly more refined than her cousin, Alexa. Whereas Alexa would feel quite at home in a mosh pit, Taylor would probably be far more comfortable having afternoon tea at the Wolseley. She’s available in four colours (the bright green is the stand-out for me), three sizes, and with the option of matte leather or strokeable luxe Ostrich. Oh, she’s a looker alright. Expect to see her on the arm of Fearne Cotton any day now…

{available at Mulberry}

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