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I well and truly took advantage of the long Easter weekend and therefore granted myself a 4-day blog break. Sometimes it’s nice to remove myself from technology (apart from my iPhone, let’s not get crazy) and spend quality time with my family, just sat in the garden soaking up the unseasonably gorgeous weather, with my mum’s cat jumping over everyone. Unfortunately the summer dress I wore has a little sleeve and now I’ve got a slight case of “trucker’s arm”, but I’m hoping friends will be too polite to comment. I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing break too.
Now, back to business and today’s subject: Atlanta Bartlett. I must confess to having a complete style crush on whatever project she takes on and the many strings to her bow. Her career started at House & Gardens, and she then went on to become a successful freelance stylist and author, as well as running a locations agency, producing a range of decorative ceramics and running an online boutique store. And she has three children. I know. It wore me out just reading her ‘About’ page. Anyway, it’s her online boutique, Pale & Interesting that I’m concentrating on today, because it’s absolutely packed full of the most beautiful items. I adore this style of interior more than I can tell you… it’s shabby chic meets New England meets rustic country. Take a look at some shots from her look book, because it will have you at ‘pink peonies’:

Yep, seriously. That just happened. Do you now want apothecary jars, antlers that hold tealights, and monogrammed cushions? Me too. Oh and these things as well, please:

{products available at: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8}
What do you think of Atlanta’s style?

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