more than words

When Heidi Klum recently revealed that the Beckhams’ kids are so well-behaved that after they’ve been to a birthday party they write a handwritten thank you note to the host on their own headed paper, the following thoughts popped into my head: 1) I highly doubt that it’s the children’s idea to write these letters (I suspect Posh is behind that move somewhere, call it a hunch), and 2) erm, back up a sec, their own headed paper?! I don’t even have my own headed paper. I’m being socially trumped by 3 children, sorry, 3 boys, under 12. I clearly need to something about this, so I’ve had a scout around online for the perfect personalised correspondence cards, and a pick from the following bespoke stationery designers could be just the ticket to transform me into the consummate guest (*mutters* their own headed paper…):

{available at: Romeo + Jules / Blush / Honey Tree / Ten and Sixpence / Manzanita Press / Typoretum / Peace, Love & Letterpress}

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