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Hurrah! How good does it feel that this is the last 5-day week for 3 whole weeks? Pretty darn good. Lots of exciting things coming up, from family get-togethers, to weddings (Royal and otherwise), to even – fingers crossed – a holiday. Getting away from a busy London and an even busier 9-5 without any kind of technology, and just my boyfriend and chick lit for company sounds so appealing. This weekend is a fairly low-key one, with next to no plans – sometimes it’s nice just to see where the weekend takes you and nothing set in stone. Perhaps a long walk or a farmer’s market… who knows. Delicious ambiguity. Thanks so much to everyone who entered my British designer jewellery giveaway and for your lovely comments… I will be announcing the two lucky winners in a short while, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s what has made me sit up and take notice this week:
I’ve gotta say, I love the buzz that’s really building up over here ahead of the Royal Wedding. Similar to when England plays in a major sporting tournament, the whole country is unified and there’s a real sense of national pride. Although (and I hope I’m not generalising) it’s probably the female population that are slightly more excited – mostly about the unveiling of The Dress – it’s definitely gearing up to be a memorable bank holiday weekend. I have arranged a Champagne Breakfast and will hunt down some suitably patriotic bunting to decorate my living room (any excuse)… and I’m also very much enjoying the number of prints and letterpress stationery that have cropped up on I’m especially drawn to no.3… something to do with the bunting, no doubt:

{1. Manimoo Royal Wedding canvas / 2. Bear Graphics typographic coordinate wedding art / 3. Sweet Home London Royal Wedding print / 4. Yield Ink Right Royal Knees Up invitation / 5. Cherry Pete Wills canvas / 6. Letterfest Royal Venue print}

So I’m guessing the team at Jimmy Choo got the ‘colour is a BIG trend this season’ memo. Vivid, acid tones and their typically lust-worthy accessories are the order of the day over at JC – not to mention ludicrously toned legs. Maybe that’s what I’ll be spending my weekend doing… squats and lunges:

{images via Jimmy Choo}
So the Black Swan ballet trend is on its way out, and all that’s left is feathers. Literally. Last seen adorning Dream Catchers above your bed, feathers are now making a big statement on the jewellery of A-listers. The high streets have caught on too, as well as certain designers who are charging £685 for the look. £685… what are they, famous feathers?

{necklaces from: 1. Dorothy Perkins / 2. Warehouse / 3. Republic / 4. Erickson Beamon}
A lot of style blogs incorporate cooking posts within their content, and as much as I like food, a lot, it’s not something that’s going to hit {what you fancy} any time soon I’m afraid. I’m not the most prolific of chefs (as my boyfriend will attest to), although I do enjoy watching shows like Masterchef and drooling. It’s one of my post-30 aims to be more adventurous with recipes (I can’t ride off the back of my Thai red prawn curry success forever), especially since such delicacies as Margarita and Gin & Tonic Sorbet exist in the world. That’s right. Erika over at The Ivory Hut is a culinary genius… Happy Hour, indeed:

{images via The Ivory Hut}

{images via prphotos & Design of House}
This week’s best dressed award goes to the perpetually stylish Camilla Belle. I don’t think I’ve seen any films she’s been in, but her appearances on the red carpet are always a treat. And her hair’s is so shiny, perhaps she shares tips with Kate Middleton. And following on from my post yesterday about colourful living rooms, here’s one that has just the right level of brightness without being garish. I love that striped chair.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever you’re doing and wherever you may be…

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