promises, promises

The reason I love New Year’s resolutions is because it involves making a list. Girls love lists. I don’t care how unrealistic the goals are, lists are all neat and tidy and organised… ergo, I’m all over it. These yearly lists are like the beginning of a relationship when you can make sweeping statements and believe they’ll happen (“How was your first date?”, “Great!”, “Are you going to marry him?”, “Definitely”). So what if it’s inevitable that by 7th January you’ll have realised that drinking slimmer shakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner isn’t as much fun as you thought it would be? Here are my offerings for 2011… here’s hoping for a 100% success rate:
1. Lose 15lbs by the time I turn thirty in 6 months
2. Attend a spinning class at the gym that I pay an obscene amount of money for every month… and maybe even use the pool
3. Go to the gym at least three times a week
4. Buy more clothes in shades other than black
5. Invest in some grown-up make-up and stop being scared of brands that aren’t Boots No.7
6. Not feel guilty for saying “no” and realise that I can’t please everybody all the time
7. Save a little money each month
8. Visit a continent I’ve never been to before
9. Cleanse, tone, moisturise, eye cream… repeat nightly
10. Work hard towards dream of moving out of London to a cottage by the coast
How about you? What do you resolve to do (or not do) this year?