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Happy Friday to everyone, and what a gorgeous week it’s been! It’s the beginning of April, yet it feels like June… there’s nothing like an abundance of sunshine to put a smile on your face. Although I have to say, as lovely as it is, it’s completely blind-sided me wardrobe-wise… I’ve been commuting to work in winter knits and my thick woollen coat, whilst the rest of the female population of London is prancing around in bright and breezy dresses, with their pedicures proudly on display. (Note to self: book a pedicure, Hobbit feet aren’t a good look). As for this weekend I am very much looking forward to a girlie dinner tonight to reunite a group of us that have been without one member for far too long whilst she was having a merry old time in Oz… thanks so much for bringing back the sunshine with you, B! Then I forsee lazy mornings, a proper return to some sort of fitness regime (as evidently the summer and bikini season is now scarily close), and of course absorbing as much vitamin D as possible.

I have a very exciting post following shortly to end the week on a high note… but in the meantime, feast your eyes on these stylish goodies that have caught my attention this week:

{images via Shabby Chic}
Everyone has their heroes, and Rachel Ashwell is definitely up there for me. I’ve always been drawn to the Shabby Chic look (as long as it’s not so shabby it’s verging on derelict), and Rachel has only gone and created my idea of heaven: a Shabby Chic Bed & Breakfast, named The Prairie. Sadly it would involve a hop and a skip across the pond to Texas, but with oversized mirrors, Wisteria in vases and the comfiest of beds to greet me, it’s so incredibly tempting.

One mystery that men will never be able to get their heads around, is the need for women to have such big bags. A cursory glance over the contents of my bag today reveals an umbrella (what? These blue skies might be lulling us into a false sense of security…), 3 tubes of hand cream (it’s been a harsh winter), my passport (you never know), an inhaler (for exercise-induced asthma – suffice to say it’s been a while since I’ve used it… at a guess I’d say 2004), heels for pulling on later (the cobbles of Covent Garden are a potential death-trap if you wear them all day), an array of make-up (our office has no A/C, and the current application will have slid off my face by 5.30pm), sunglasses (standard), masking tape (I work in events, don’t ask), iPod and wallet. How would I fit all these necessities into a tiny clutch?? Therefore I gave Jolie a woman-nod of approval when I saw her toting around the ridiculously beautiful and roomy Chloé Aurore this week. It may not hold masking tape, but she has about 14 kids so I’m sure it carries countless odds and ends to keep them entertained.

I think I’m more of a print than a pattern girl, and I really like the clean lines and quirkiness of a chevron print. It seems to be having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now, and is popping up on cushions, wall art and rugs, amongst others. I also love the print on invitations and stationery too, especially in the rainbow of colours shown above.

Regular denim has had its day, it’s time to switch it up! Candy-coloured jeans seem to be everywhere, and it does make a refreshing change to the usual blues, blacks and greys. Don a pair and you’ll feel like you’re cruising down South Beach instead of Staines.

This week’s ‘Look of the Week’ award goes to Naomi Watts who looks stunning in a daintily printed Chanel dress, nude Jimmy Choos, loose waves and minimal make-up. My favourite room comes from the second issue of High Gloss, which I contentedly poured over yesterday – this dining area was created by interior designer, Mary McGee, who happens to also live in this 1940s bungalow that overlooks a canyon in Beverly Hills. Check out the rest of the house, it’s so feminine and elegant.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you’re doing and wherever you may be…

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