in their own words: kylie

As featured in UK Glamour magazine, January 2011

{words & images via glamour}
on feeling like herself again: “I’m close to my fighting weight again. I don’t want to lose any more weight, I just need to get my fitness up. I do feel that then I’ll almost be back in my own body, which would be great… I felt for such a long time that I was in a stranger’s body.”

on her boyfriend, Andrés Velencoso: “He’s good at travelling. He fits in well with my team. He’s the kind of person that you can drop anywhere and he’ll be fine. He’s very normal but also fabulous.”

on her sister, Dannii: “Having a baby has changed her. She’s mellowed and gone into a zone that’s very deep, and I’ve never seen her like that before. She’s still hard-nosed and determined, but there’s something that’s changed in her that’s really beautiful to see.”

on personal beliefs: “I was thinking about faith the other day. I’m not of any particular religion, but I was wondering how much it mattered what you believe. If someone told you what you believed was wrong, how could it be wrong, because it’s based on your experience and emotions. This is the life I have. I can’t compare it to anyone else’s.”