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The sun is out and it’s Friday! What’s better than that. Notice no question mark, because the answer is nothing. After a super-busy work week I can’t wait to start the wedding season (I’m at that age when every weekend involves a wedding, a hen do, a thirtieth birthday, an engagement party or something involving a new baby) with the nuptials of a very good friend, who I met at university but our friendship survived the transition to London, and ten years later it’s so exciting to see him tie the knot. A group of uni-turned-London-turned-lifelong-friends and I are travelling down from the Big Smoke to the south coast (very Four Weddings & A Funeral) to meet up in a country pub then on to the ceremony. I expect there’ll be lots of Champagne, lots of dancing to 500 Miles and Build Me Up Buttercup, and lots of laughter. Not to mention scouting out all those little details that will inspire content for {weddings you fancy}. Can’t wait. In the meantime, here’s what has recently caught my eye:

If I hadn’t made it patently obvious already, I’m head-over-heels for chandeliers. I think the only reason I want a home to call my own, rather than renting, is so I can fill it with my choice of fixtures and fittings… which in my case means vintage chandeliers. Either blended with fellow shabby chic touches or creating juxtaposition (ooh, get me!) alongside ultra-modern surroundings, they’re going to stay top of my wish list (plus a clawfoot bath) until that elusive house is mine to decorate.

Karen Millen may be grouped in with the rest of the Great British “high street”, but like French Connection, it’s not a supermarket sweep kind of place such as H&M where someone on an average salary can emerge with an armful of purchases and a purse that’s not too much lighter. The clothes are beautiful and achingly on trend at the moment but, a) they seem to be made solely for ladies no larger than a size 10, and b) their prices have the ability to make you wince and head straight for Topshop. That being said, can’t hurt to look, non?! And this sparkly number in particular caught my eye, as it’s just crying out to be worn with skinny, slightly beaten-up jeans and mega-high heels. The kind of top that can turn even the most casual of outfits into a night on the town. When’s pay day again?

I love the Keep Calm Gallery – it takes all my strength not to order everything from their website and find a place for them on my walls. One of their newest prints tells every girl what they want to hear, and I’m inclined to say, “why thank you… right back at ya”.

This collection was inspired by a necklace that jumped out at me (not literally) from a jewellery shop window… and I’ve been on the hunt ever since for similar pieces that don’t end in 3 zeros. These ones in particular are a little more than I’d spend on jewellery (or rent), but they were too pretty not to share. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a coral item of clothing, besides a t-shirt back in 1995, but it’s a colour that I would definitely accessorise with. What do you think? {1,2,3,4,5}

It doesn’t matter if they’re cows called Mary who have always dreamed of being a horse (Müller Corner commercial), cats with opposable thumbs or dogs who can talk… for some reason, animals with non-animal traits make me crease up. And even though I’ve seen Mary the cow galloping down the beach a hundred times, it makes no difference… uncontrollable laughter every time. This probably doesn’t say much for my intelligence levels, but whatever, it’s the simple things in life that amuse me. Anyway, dogs in clothes have the same effect. Especially when it looks like they have extra limbs (dogs in spider Halloween costumes = genius), like this little chap who’s ready to celebrate St Paddy’s Day next Thursday. I think it’s the expressions on their faces – totally oblivious to how comically random they look. I seriously can’t stop laughing at it. I think there’s something wrong with me.

Now, J-Hud, that’s better. I knew you had it in you! After dressing in the dark for the Oscars (as seen here), she’s gone back to chic basics at Michael Kors’ 30th anniversary dinner in Paris this week. Her hair looks gorgeous in loose waves, and the navy gown with a nude panel to add interest is simple yet stunning. The best advert for Weight Watchers I’ve ever seen. Finally, I love this living room with piles of magazines in Perspex and pops of colour against the white… and that lamp is the perfect finishing touch.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever you’re doing and wherever you may be…

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